Monday, December 12, 2011

Multimedia/Video Tech Web Conf. Wk 4

I have attended more web conferences for this class than I have in any other course!  I am thoroughly enjoying this course, and the web conferences allow me to soak up more and more information from all of the very bright people in the Ed Tech program!

Dr. A talked much about the particulars for the PSA (our group chose Cyberbullying:  A Parents' Guide).  She mentioned that we need to keep the PSA to 60 seconds, +/- 10 seconds, with the copyright information coming after that time.

Our group is still hard at it!  Our PSA is coming along and I can't say enough about how great my group members are!  It is all coming together nicely.

Multimedia/Video Tech Web Conf. Wk 3

This week's conference combined information for our group PSA video project as well as some personal/professional advice from Dr. A.  She mentioned that all group members must submit the same information -- I'm sure this is to be certain all group members are actually working in a group!  Our group is awesome!  We are collaborating using Google Docs (as my partner and I did in Week 2) and it works out great.  We have each chosen a different color -- and one of our group members put a "legend" at the beginning to help us all remember who is what color!  We are also using Dropbox for our graphics, video, and other documents -- what a great tool!

I appreciate the personal/professional advice Dr. A shared with all of us regarding how she ended up at Lamar University and also encouraging us to continue to pursue our education and experience new things.