Saturday, July 23, 2011

Action Research -- Week 2

What a week this has been!  After totally forgetting about the web conference, I went back and watched/listened.  The information shared was excellent!  Also, I so enjoyed the interviews with the 3 scholar practitioners.  It was informative to see the different ideas related to action research.  While I know the importance of quantitative data in research -- after all, how can anyone argue with cold, hard facts -- I appreciate Mr. Briseno discussing the qualitative data and how it fits in to the research aspect.  As a teacher, I can certainly relate to the significance of this aspect, so I'm glad this was included.

After this week's lesson, I realized I had to narrow my topic.  With the help of my site mentor, I believe we have accomplished that task!  I'm looking forward to digging deeper into my topic -- with eventually putting it into action!

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