Sunday, November 20, 2011

Personal Digital Story

I'm so glad to be in a tech course!!!  I've spend the last 3 of my classes (toward my Ed Tech masters) in non-tech classes, and I am soooooo glad to be back!

I finally finished my first personal digital story...and I must say I enjoyed it! I used iMovie and uploaded the final product to YouTube.  Doing that made it very easy to embed the video into my wiki!  The tech-side of the video was easy.  It was deciding on a topic and then writing the script from a personal point-of-view that was so difficult.  I'm not accustomed to sharing my inner-most thoughts and feelings with anyone other than my immediate family, so I struggled to write the script so that it didn't sound so, "this is what I did on my vacation" -- but I did finish it and am pleased with the outcome.

My partner, Caitlin, was great!  Her questions helped me pin-point where I wanted to go with the story so that I had a focal point.

I really enjoyed making the video and look forward to our next project.

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