Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st Web Conference (Thursday)

Aside from the fact that my timing for vacation was poorly planned, in the end, it all worked out as I successfully joined the web conference on Thursday. As I sat in front of the AT&T store (the "free" wireless where we stayed was awful), I experienced some anxiety in the beginning because I could hear only a few, choppy words, but rested a bit easier when I realized it was not just me.  Finally, about 10 minutes into the conference, the sound was fully restored (at least most of the time).  
While I chose to not use video (remember, I was on vacation!) and audio but rather respond through chat, I did appreciate those who did -- it was nice to put a face with a name!  
Even though there were technical difficulties, I found the information to be helpful -- especially regarding the Internship. I will secure a mentor ASAP!

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