Sunday, June 5, 2011

National Educational Technology Plan

The Obama Administration has developed a plan to enhance technology education.  This ambitious plan has, by plan’s end, 60% of the population holding at least a 2-year degree. The plan breaks down the goals into several major focal-areas:  Learning, Assessment, Teaching, Infrastructure, Productivity, and Research & Development.  While goals are stated in these areas, there are also recommendations and lists of the roles of government.
In the area of Learning, the push seems to be for life-long learners.  It also touches on the fact that not all learners will learn effectively in the same way.  According to Howard Gartner’s Multiple Intelligences theory assessment that I completed last week, I’d have to agree!
For Teaching, it seems that the Plan is in support of providing whatever means necessary for teachers to implement technology into their classrooms to build those 21st Century learners.  Also mentioned is the fact that the teachers need to be prepared/taught just as the students do. And this learning needs to continue in various forms -- not just staff development provided locally, but allowing the creation of teacher connections so that teachers can learn from each other.
It is suggested that schools prepare themselves for the new wave of technology and learners.  While budgets may be tight, suggestions are made for free/inexpensive ways to enhance technology, for example, open-source software.
Ultimately, the goal is to produce more than just graduates of higher education, it’s to produce Americans who can continue to learn so that we can continue to compete globally.

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